Since the enactment of Right to Information Act, 2005 in India, many web sites have been developed by RTI Activists to share their knowledge, their RTIs and related information. Still there exists some lacuna and so this website. The main features of this website are:


  • RTI Repository: To let registered members of this site to upload their important RTIs that would be helpful to many others. Once approved, they can share the links to their RTI with anyone they want.


  • RTI Locker: To let everyone to anonymously upload sensitive information that they have gathered painstakingly via RTIs, which would expose scams or massive abuse of public funds and which might cause threats to the lives of such RTI Activists. With the consent of such RTI Activists, such information would be put in public domain either when they are attacked or when they are killed or when they want us to, in order to ensure that what they started would not go in vain, would be continued by other activists and the corrupt be exposed and punished, come what may.


  • Reference Library: To help RTI Activists to quickly refer to important RTI decisions of either Commissions or Courts, which they can mention in their RTIs. Helps students for educational purposes and journalists while covering RTI-related news and analysis.


  • Weird Decisions: Wherein we analyse some RTI or Court judgements, which, in our opinion, are bad in law and do not help further the spirit and cause of RTI in any way.


  • Threats Received: This is the place where RTI Activists can upload the details of the threats they received, by uploading relevant photo, audio or video alongwith details of the issue.


Apart from these, we have some more useful features which aid RTI Activists in performing better. We are open to suggestions and further improvements to the content and coverage of this website. Our site is currently under development and will be ready by Oct 2017.